Saturday, January 15, 2011

37719 Peacock Circle. 1822 Sq. Ft. Built 1977. Listed $225K.
Left Side of House
Back of house
Living Room/Front Room
Standing in front door

Guest Bedroom
Guest/Hallway Bath
Bathroom #2 (attached to Bedroom)
Master Bath

Front Door
Exterior Front - Sexy man looking at roof
Front. Wall, gate.

Monday, August 9, 2010

VEGAS baby!!!

Had a great long weekend in Vegas this weekend with my parents and Uncle Beau. Here are a few pics. Marie celebrated her 1st birthday, and we hung out by the pool a lot. Went to the strip one night. Ate Thai food and CPK, watched some TV, visited, and endured a tired Axel who was on one most of the weekend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Axel - 3 yrs. old!

With the wisdom, maturity, and sense of responsibility Axel has already demonstrated, it's hard to imagine he's only 3 years old - but alas it's true. Ace man has reached the ripe age of 3. He's legal - legal to drink out of a cup with no lid, drive on a cycle with 2 wheels instead of 3, and of greatest import, purchase and play with the whole new world of toys available to age 3+. Here are some pictures from his birthday. He got a fish game, a surf board (boogie board), some Lincoln Logs, and other wooden toys that should be able to endure 3 year old behavior better than the cheap plastic goods they're sticking on shelves these days.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I notice it's almost been a year since the last blog I guess we better get another on here. This last weekend we took the family to Sedona. It was beautiful. Here are some pictures. We stayed at a nice little resort in town with a couple pools. We took it easy, went on a couple little hikes, ate at some great restaurants, watched TV, and relaxed. It was a perfect little trip.
The first 5 pics are from a little hike we took to a creek to eat lunch the first day up Oak Creek Canyon. We found a perfect little island in the middle of the creek to eat.

Axel was annoyed by the sand getting in his crocks while we were hiking, so I had to carry him most of the way, or he stood on my feet while I walked. Serves us right for making him hike in crocks I guess.
Axel is into pointing and saying "No." In the picture above, he was mad I was taking another picture since I had just taken the picture below of him on the bridge. So he let me know.
All I can say is you don't mess with a kid in those glasses with that tiger on his shirt. No thank you.

Marie taking a dip. Didn't mind the cold creek water at all.

Below is one of the great restaurants we had breakfast at one morning. Ken's Creekside Cafe. Sat on the patio with great views.
This is outside of the BBQ place we had dinner at one night.
That looks like it might hurt, but he keeps going back for more.

Our resort had a mini golf course at it.
Don't ask me what is going on here. Let's just say the collar on that shirt will never be the same.
Top of Schnebly Hill Rd. One of the highest spots in Sedona.
Another hike in Crocks. This time Axel did much better.
End of the hike.

Look at the buff mom.
That's about it. We loved this place and hope to go back again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coolest Kid on the Block

This is Axel. The coolest kid on the block.

This is him with a dinner napkin on his head.
This is him wearing his dad's socks. Looks like he may be pooping on the fan. Isn't there some cliche about that?
This is him with his favorite Diego backpack. He can count to 10 in spanish already (but only to 3 in English.) Plus he's already learned to pick strawberries. (That wasn't appropriate.)

This is Axel being sweet to his new baby sister Marie. He's usually sweet to her although he does like to play catch with her and she hasn't figured out how to catch yet. And he did try playing swords with her yesterday with a long plastic crayon thing, but she didn't have a sword so he won. Luckily mom stepped in.
This is a picture of Marie that my dad took. Artsy huh?

We recently got back from Utah for the Hendrickson family reunion and for my sister Jordan's wedding. Both were great. While up there we blessed the baby at Aspen Grove. Here is a picture of all of Marie's uncles and grandpa's that stood in on the blessing. Ironically, the 2 grandpa's have more hair than all the uncles. Maybe it's time they stop showing off and get the clippers out. If not, we may have to go BYU freshman year on their heads and shave them while they're asleep.